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our students about us

PreK – 12 Education with American based curriculum

Technology use is integrated across the curriculum

After-school programs: sports, music, languages, various clubs

All core classes are taught in English

Individual attention is provided through small class sizes

Two campuses to better serve to our community

Educational programs

Preschool and Kindergarten

The LIS Kindergarten program seeks to build on the child’s natural curiosity for learning and to develop their love and appreciation for schooling.

Elementary school

The LIS elementary school program is designed to guide our students to find their passions while becoming successful learners both in and outside of the classroom environment. The school is committed to provide each student with the support they need for optimal success.

Middle school

The LIS middle school courses and program are designed to fully support the academic and personal development of young adolescents since the middle years are a time of exceptional growth and change for students.

High School

The LIS high school program is designed to provide our students with a full and comprehensive secondary education program preparing them for post-secondary education, while continuing to provide emotional, behavioral and social supports that facilitate each student’s learning.

Our educational approach

Mastery Learning is an educational approach in which students must achieve mastery of a subject matter before moving forward to learn subsequent information about that subject; learning is thus built on established understanding. Students are given the time and support they need to reach mastery.

We choose mastery learning because more students achieve higher and more long-lasting results. This includes flexible placement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, to provide a suitable challenge for each student.

To be able to offer this, we adjust our classroom environment to ensure small class sizes and we allow each student to take the time they need to master the content and to succeed.

This means that required schoolwork values: a) depth of material, b) analytical thinking and c) quality work which demonstrates the student’s understanding of the topic.


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LIS Summer Camp 2023

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There is nothing like seeing and experiencing our school in person. Arrange a meeting with our Director and take a tour of our Campus. We encourage you to let your child join our classes for a day or two and experience firsthand what we offer.