Ljubljana International School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and licensed by the Slovenian Ministry of Education as an accredited International School with an International Curriculum.

The curriculum includes:

•English ( reading and literature, grammar, composition, and spelling),
•Cultural Studies (history, geography, economics, and government),
•Science (life, earth, biology, physical science, chemistry, physics),
•Technology use is integrated across the curriculum,
•Art, Music, Dance,
•Foreign Languages (German, Slovene and Spanish),
•Physical Education

All core classes are taught in English, and all other languages are offered from exposure in pre-school and formal classes (5X per week) from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (as an elective).

  • The school offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses as part of the Secondary program–also available online.
  • Intensive English classes are offered to students who need additional instruction with English.
  • Technology use is integrated across the curriculum.
  • The school seeks to provide students with an appreciation for the rich culture and history of Slovenia.
  • Materials and equipment are up to date and of high quality.
  • Individual attention is provided through small class sizes.
  • Native English-speaking, and experienced teachers are employed.
  • After-school programs round out our offerings with sports, Makerspace, music, additional languages, arts and crafts, and play.

LIS cooperates with schools in the virtual world as well. This online education allows our school to offer courses normally found at schools of much greater size. Distance learning provides Advanced Placement (AP) students with greater opportunities to enhance their transcripts in preparation of University life.