We endeavor that the students should enjoy their studies as much as possible, the interests proper to them: not learning a slight or incomplete smattering about this or that subject, “but plunging into vital knowledge, with a great field before them, which all their life they will not be able to fully explore” – Charlotte Mason

The mastery  learning experience offers exactly that – great ideas in abundant quantity. Our curriculum does not rely solely on  a textbook sequence, but rather a series of carefully chosen “living” books, works of art, musical compositions, mathematical concepts, skills, and techniques that each student is offered. The literary or artistic quality of the work and the quality of the ideas contained therein are of primary importance in its inclusion in our curriculum. Children will be assessed individually as well in a variety of ways, preparing the way for higher levels of thinking.  The LIS education offers rigorous academic programs and innovative teaching methodologies..

Children have minds capable of making their own connections with knowledge and experiences, and we make sure the child learns about nature, science and art, knows how to build things, reads many living books and that they are physically fit. We encourage our students to search and enquire further into the topics they are introduced to in the classrooms – this is essential to the understanding of ideas, their connection to the real world and the people in it.

Each student is encouraged to achieve all that they are capable of by having parallel general classes in mathematics and reading,  that allow any student to participate in their own individual levels for each subject, even if that is outside of their age group. Rather than focusing on performances in measurement tasks alone, we emphasize the assimilation of ideas and mastery learning. To be able to achieve this we strive to teach each student to be responsible, accountable and learn how to be self-motivated. By closely following each student’s educational journey and personal growth we can help each individual identify their strengths and weaknesses. Children must learn that their greatest responsibility is choosing which ideas to accept or reject. Good habits of behavior and lots of knowledge will provide the discipline and experience to help them do this.

Our desire is to also include the parents in our community, so that they too are involved in their child’s growth and the growth of our entire school body, hopefully providing benefits for all involved.