Children thrive in an atmosphere that promotes a life filled with meaning and purpose, where curiosity and a sense of wonder is cherished and encouraged.

“Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”

– Charlotte Mason.

We don’t offer an artificial environment for children, but provide opportunities in the real environment they already live in to educate them. Our academic environment should be one that acknowledges each child as a person in need of growth, guidance and encouragement. A child is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, all the while preserving and protecting their natural curiosity and sense of wonder.

A child should be encouraged to have good habits and display self-control. It is not enough for them to be strong academically; “they also need to develop the skills necessary for continual improvement that will benefit them even once they have finished their formal education.”

There is great diversity in life, so an academic program should embrace subjects that inspire children in a holistic fashion. A life filled with meaning and purpose should involve a curriculum that inspires through art, drama and music, the study of nature in science and engineering, the lofty ideas of literature,  the logic of mathematics, the challenge of learning a new language, and the physical challenge for good health and physical fitness