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At the LIS Creative Arts Academy, we greatly appreciate the support of our community – parents, companies, and enthusiasts of the arts. Your contributions play a vital role in nurturing creativity and providing enriching experiences for our students and Ljubljana. There are various ways you can support us: 

  • Donations: Your generous donations directly contribute to enhancing our programs, acquiring resources, and expanding opportunities for our students. 
  • Volunteering: Join our community of volunteers and actively participate in the vibrant atmosphere of the academy. Whether assisting during events, helping with administrative tasks, or sharing your skills, your time is invaluable. 
  • Sponsorships: Explore opportunities for sponsorships, providing direct support to specific projects, events, or scholarships. Align your brand with our commitment to fostering creativity and education. 

Your support makes a meaningful impact on the journey of our students and the growth of the Creative Arts Academy. To discuss how you can contribute, please reach out to us at