About Us

Welcome to the LIS Creative Arts Academy! 

Nestled within the heart of Ljubljana International School, our Creative Arts Academy is a dynamic center where creativity thrives, and artistic expressions come to life. Operating in the school’s facilities after regular hours, our academy is open not only to LIS families but also welcomes creative minds from other schools. We staunchly believe in the transformative power of the arts to inspire, educate, and shape well-rounded individuals. 


Our instructors

Explore a World of Creativity


Our Vision

  • Fueled by a passion for fostering artistic talent, our academy aims to provide a nurturing environment where students of all ages and nationalities can explore, create, and grow. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, we offer a diverse range of programs tailored to meet your unique creative journey.

Meet Our Talented Instructors:

  • Our dedicated team of experienced instructors brings a wealth of expertise from various artistic disciplines. They are committed to guiding students through an enriching educational experience, encouraging self-expression, and helping them reach their artistic potential.

Explore a World of Creativity:

  • From music and visual arts to dance and drama, our academy offers a spectrum of creative disciplines. Students can choose from a variety of classes, workshops, and performances, creating a personalized artistic path that aligns with their interests and aspirations.

Why Choose LIS Creative Arts Academy? 

  • Experienced and Passionate Instructors 
  • Diverse Range of Artistic Disciplines 
  • Inspiring Learning Environment 
  • Opportunities for Performances and Exhibitions 

Embark on a creative journey with us and discover the boundless possibilities that the arts can bring to your life. Join the LIS Creative Arts Academy and let your imagination soar!