Welcome to the distinguished faculty of the LIS Creative Arts Academy. Our dedicated team of instructors brings a wealth of experience and passion to each creative discipline, fostering an environment where students can flourish and express their artistic potential. Get to know the inspiring individuals who guide our students on their creative journey: 

Samuel Gustavsson – Trumpet and bands  

Samuel is the visionary force behind the LIS Creative Arts Academy. Hailing from Sweden, Samuel’s journey as a music educator and performer has shaped a rich and diverse career. Trained as a music teacher at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark, he later earned a Master of Arts with a focus on improvisation and composition at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Before dedicating himself to teaching, Samuel freelanced as a musician throughout Scandinavia. His passion for education led him to take on impactful roles in various international schools. Notable achievements include his tenure as Head of Music at HuaHin International School in Thailand, where he also initiated and coordinated a music school. In China, as the Director of Music at RDFZ King’s College School in Hangzhou, Samuel’s responsibilities also involved coordinating co-curricular music activities for 700 students. Samuel’s journey in Slovenia as the Head of Music and Performing Arts at the British International School of Ljubljana showcased his ability to organize school shows, a national competition of songwriting and the British International Music School. Currently at LIS, Samuel is excited to shape the Creative Arts Academy, providing a vibrant space for individuals of all ages to explore and express their creative inspiration in a nurturing environment. In addition to his role as the academy’s founder and director, Samuel teaches trumpet and lends his versatile skills wherever needed. His commitment extends to being an MYP music teacher at LIS, contributing to the holistic creative education provided at the school. 

Joseph Wheba – Piano, bands, recording and production

Joseph Wheba – Piano, bands, recording and production 

Joseph is a composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from Totnes in the South-West of England. He honed his musical abilities while pursuing a BMus in Popular Music at Goldsmiths University of London, where he met his partner, Anina Trobec from Slovenia. Their collaborative journey has seen them engage in a multitude of diverse projects, share stages with internationally acclaimed artists, and captivate audiences across the globe. Currently writing and performing with the band Generator and trio ANIИA, Joe has a passion for music technology, recording and production, as well as filming and editing videos. At LIS he teaches MYP classes and will offer piano, songwriting, and production as part of the Creative Arts Academy. 

Marina Martensson - Voice

Marina Martensson – Voice 

Marina is a professional singer and songwriter, with over 20 years of experience in the music industry.  In addition to her own band tours and album releases, she achieved the remarkable feat of receiving the ‘golden buzzer’ recognition on Slovenia’s Got Talent. She also secured a finalist position in EMA and she currently holds membership in the renowned and globally acclaimed band, Laibach. As a dedicated and passionate singing teacher, Marina is committed to empowering individuals to unlock their genuine vocal potential. Her expertise extends to the mastery of proper breathing techniques and the cultivation of a robust and healthy voice. In her classes, Marina guides students on a journey to explore the intricacies of storytelling and stage performance. 

Tilen Stepišnik - Guitar, bass and ukulele

Tilen Stepišnik – Guitar, bass and ukulele 

Tilen is a multifaceted guitarist, composer, arranger, and dedicated teacher. He received formal music education at the Citre Music School and the Muzikaviva Music School. Tilen’s professional career took off in ethno music in 2002 with the formation of Aritmija and Sedef. Beyond his roles as an instrumentalist and composer, Tilen has collaborated with various artists, contributed to film soundtracks, and graced international festivals. Since 2006 he has shared his musical expertise as a guitar teacher at esteemed institutions like the British International Music School and Music school Vox. Today, Tilen continues to be a dynamic force in music, collaborating with diverse bands and projects, including DidiWa, Lastovka, Alkimia, Miha Vanič Trio, Faronika, and the European Symbolic Orchestra.

Gašper Peršl - Drumkit

Gašper Peršl – Drumkit 

Gašper is a seasoned drummer and percussionist with a rich and diverse musical background spanning over twenty-five years. Throughout his career, Gašper has been a cornerstone of the Slovenian music scene, collaborating with some of the country’s most esteemed artists including Vlado Kreslin (with whom he spent 22 years with Malih bogov), Zoran Predin, Andrej Šifrer, and Katalena, among others. His musical talents extend beyond the stage as he has lent his rhythmic expertise to orchestras such as the Symphonic Orchestra of RTV Slovenia and the Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic, as well as to various musicals and theater productions with institutions like Mladinsko gledališče and Mestno gledališče Ljubljansko. Additionally, Gašper is a prolific studio drummer and percussionist, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 250 recordings across a spectrum of genres including jazz, pop, rock, and ethno. 

Anina Trobec – Voice and piano

Anina Trobec – Voice and piano 

Anina is a multifaceted artist hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a diverse skill set encompassing vocals, music composition, dance, and performance. Having graduated from Goldsmiths University of London in 2012, Anina embarked on her artistic journey by forming the band ANIИA. Since then, she has showcased her talents worldwide, collaborating with renowned artists such as Nikhil Chopra in India and participating in performances across the Balkans, including notable collaborations with Skinshape and Roots in Session. With a background rooted in Latin-American and Ballroom dancing, Anina infuses her performances with a dynamic and captivating energy. Currently, Anina is deeply involved in various musical endeavors, composing and performing with the collective ANIИA, as well as the Analog Electronic Trio Mantain and the 9-piece band Generator. Additionally, she has been imparting her expertise as a music tutor since 2012, offering a range of services including performance coaching, songwriting sessions, dance classes, vocal tuition, and piano and guitar lessons, along with choir direction.  

Urška Kastelic - Voice

Urška Kastelic – Voice 

Urška is a versatile vocalist with a passion for teaching and sharing her love of music with others. She earned her master’s degree at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and regularly performs as a soloist at the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. Her exceptional voice captivates audiences across Slovenia and Europe, where she excels in opera roles such as Violetta in “La traviata” and Gilda in “Rigoletto.” Additionally, she has performed multiple times at the Living Nativity in Postojna Cave, creating unforgettable moments for visitors. She has received awards at international competitions and is a member of the music group Tosca Beat. 

Ajdin Huzejrović - Drama and creative writing

Ajdin Huzejrović – Drama and creative writing 

Ajdin is a professional theater director, set designer, and writer, completing his studies in Belgrade in 2022. As the artistic director of Dramatikon Theater in Kranj, Ajdin’s leadership echoes in his role as the founder of YOU trupa Belgrade and his past tenure as the artistic director for Mladinski oder Kranj. A mentor and acting coach, Ajdin boasts an impressive record, with 25 of his students accepted into acting academies worldwide. His approach focuses on understanding each individual’s unique expression in the world of theater, encompassing dance, speech, movement, and more. Ajdin has directed over 30 plays in various cities, garnering recognition in national drama competitions with his theater, Dramatikon, winning five titles in the last three years. His creative works, including dramas and poems, have been published in Slovenia and Serbia. Beyond classical theater, Ajdin delves into musicals, children’s plays, modern drama, and diverse events. His overarching goal is to serve as an acting coach for all age groups, making the art of acting and expression on stage accessible to young minds. 

Maša Golob - Violin

Maša Golob – Violin 

Exploring and expressing her passion for music through violin, Maša quickly established herself as one of the up-and-coming performers in the electric violin genre. With her innovative approach to music, she amazes with an unparalleled ability to connect with audience and strong stage appearance, where she implements her persona into the act to accompany the music story she tells. Starting in her home country of Slovenia, she got her first violin lessons at age five and made her first appearance on national violin competition at the age of eight. After her successful completion of High School of Music in Celje, she took part in master classes with several established professors in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Germany. Study of musicology at University of Ljubljana and Humboldt University in Berlin enabled her to experience and analyze different musical genres, from classical aspect to world music and popular music studies. This influence has given her the ability to perform and adapt each piece accordingly to its specifications, and to carefully nest it into the right environment. Since her return to Slovenia, she made a career breakthrough with many performances and collaborations with different renowned musicians. She performed on all the biggest stages of Slovenia and made several appearances abroad, including London (UK), Berlin (Germany), Vienna, Graz (Austria), Dubrovnik, Split, Rovinj (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary) etc. In 2021, she was a semi-finalist of Slovenia’s Got Talent show, where she showcased her unique approach to performing, that combines violin playing with expressive movement. She strives to pass her technical knowledge, musically rich style, and extensive stage experience to her students. 

Hana Alhadi – Dance and movement

Hana Alhadi – Dance and movement 

Hana has over two decades of experience in the fields of contemporary dance and performing arts. Commencing her educational journey at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory, she has continuously expanded her knowledge through active participation in a myriad of local and international contemporary dance workshops and seminars. Presently, Hana stands as an essential contributor to the Art & Cultural Society Ponor, where she is co-creating the annual production of dance and performing art pieces. Her creative endeavors extend beyond conventional boundaries, reflecting a passion for interdisciplinary exploration. In addition to her experience in dance, Hana incorporates in her work music and sound, leveraging her background as a graduated Music Theoretician. Moreover, her artistic expression expands into the realm of spoken word and poetry, as evidenced by her published works. Throughout the last five years, Hana has devoted herself to honing a distinctive teaching style that seamlessly blends contemporary dance with street theatre elements, specific somatic methods, and the transformative power of sound. Her commitment has resulted in the successful facilitation of numerous workshops tailored for both adults and children.