Entry Ages and Placement

To enter the 5-year-old class, a child will have completed 5 years of age no later than the 31st of October. This pattern is applied to the other classes in the school. If an exception is requested, documentation that supports the student’s academic need is required, and the Director will make the final decision after consultation with parents and teachers. If an exception to the policy is made, it will be documented and signed by the parents and school administrator and placed in the student’s permanent file.

Secondary-age students are placed into Ninth Grade by age (14 years old by the end of October), even though secondary students may be engaged in some pre-secondary units. Progress through the secondary levels is determined at the beginning of each school year by the number of credits attained.

Preschool (3-4-Year-Old) Program

Our preschool offers a program of interwoven fun and learning, allowing the children to learn intuitively. We introduce them to foreign languages, sciences, ecology, music, arts, mathematics, reading and personal values as well as practical life skills. We want them to connect learning and creativity by encouraging personal interests, giving them a lifelong thirst for uncovering the new and unknown.

We encourage development of fine motor skills, of self-confidence, and natural excitement to learn so a lot of time is spent outside in nature, in order to observe, learn and discover the truth, the beauty and goodness around them. Language exposure is very important for the youngest child. Though English is our predominant language at LIS, children at this level are exposed to Slovene and German as well.

Kindergarten (5-Year-Old) Program

This academically oriented program develops skills, attitudes, and concentration the children need for academic disciplines in the six-year-old class. A variety of experiences develop eye/hand/body coordination and reading readiness. The program introduces Reading, Mathematics, Oral and Written Language skills, Science, and Cultural Studies. There is a continued emphasis on personal development through varied classes of Music, Technology, Art, Dance and Physical Education. If the student’s English-speaking skills are sufficient, a choice of German or Spanish and Slovene(required for Slovene students)-all 5x week. Non-Slovene students are also offered basic Slovene and Slovene Culture classes. If the student’s English speaking skills are insufficient, he or she may be taking extra English lessons(Intensive English) rather than German or Spanish.

Elementary (1st to 6th Grade)

Elementary school students take a full program of Mathematics, Literacy (Reading and Writing), Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Technology usage is integrated within the curriculum at all levels. Students may select Spanish or German as a foreign language (each 5x week). Slovene language is required for all Slovene students. Non-Slovene students are also offered Slovene Culture classes. Intensive English classes are provided for those students who are not yet able to speak English with sufficient skill.

Middle School (7th and 8th Grade)

This program meets the needs of students in the 7th and 8th Grade. Students take a rigorous academic program of Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education. The choice of Spanish and German are the foreign languages offered and Slovene is required for Slovene students. Non-Slovene students are also offered Slovene and Slovene Culture classes. Intensive English classes are provided for those students who do not speak English with sufficient skill. Qualified students may enroll in secondary classes for graduation credit, if appropriate.

Secondary (9th-12th Grade)

The secondary program prepares students for colleges and universities in the United States or other countries. The rigorous academic program consists of Mathematics, Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), World Cultural Studies, History, Economics, Literature, Writing, Art, Music, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and Technology. All classes are taught in English, except languages other than English (LOE). Each student is required to complete a year-long research project in the last year of their Secondary program.