Dear Parents, 

Welcome to Ljubljana International School (LIS) and our diverse international community. A school enrollment process can sometimes be confusing and frustrating, so in an effort to make it as easy for you as possible, this “follow-along” guide was created to assist parents/guardians through the process of enrolling your child or children at LIS.  

LIS accepts applications throughout the year, and this checklist was developed to help navigate you through each step. Nevertheless, should you have questions at any stage along the way, we will be delighted to assist.  Simply contact us by phone or by email at 

The Application Steps

Step 1

Visit us and schedule a tour

There is nothing like seeing and experiencing our school campuses in person, and we encourage you to arrange a meeting with our school administration to tour our facilities. If you are still determining whether LIS is the right fit for your child, we encourage you to have your child join our classes for a day or two and experience firsthand what we offer. 

To schedule a tour, do not hesitate to get in touch with our admissions team at  

Step 2

Submit the Student Application Form

Please follow the link to the Student Application Form. Once our admission team receives the initial application form, you will receive an email message inviting you to submit any missing documents to complete the student’s file.  

Step 3

Submit Documents

Below is the list of the required documents that will need to be sent to our admissions team at

All documents must be sent either in .jpg or .pdf format. You can also bring the following items for your in-person interview/school visit. 

The documents that will be requested from you include the following: 

  • One passport size photo 
  • Copy of residence permit and Passport 
  • Copy of vaccination records– for the Pre-K applicants  this form (Form here) needs to be filled about by a pediatrician  
  • Ages 5-10: Copy of previous school records for the current and prior school year.  
  • Ages 11-15 Copy of the school records for the last three school years (if the previous three years are unavailable, please explain in writting). 

High School students are required to submit official transcripts from their last school. 

Step 4

Pay the Registration Fee

Once we receive your Student Application Form and an accompanying document, you will receive an invoice for the Registration Fee – a one-time non-refundable fee of EUR 750.

Step 5

Schedule the Placement Test

Schedule a time with the LIS Admissions team to take the school’s placement test and sit for an interview with the school’s administration.  

  • LIS uses the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) computerized adaptive test to provide initial placement data. 
  • Students ages six and older will take the MAP entrance test to evaluate the student’s knowledge in Reading, Mathematics, and Language Usage. All three tests are administered in the English language. 
  • Students ages eight and older also complete a piece of writing or a written essay, depending on their grade level.

Results from the MAP tests represent one way to establish the initial placement of a student, but there are, of course, other methods which help us determine student readiness and placement. 

LIS does not require English fluency to enroll; however, the older the student is, the more proficiency in English is required. For younger students, proficiency in English is more easily gained within a classroom environment. For older students (ages 12 and older), in addition to their previous academic results, acceptance of students will also depend on their English proficiency. 

If the placement test determines that the child is below grade level in English or needs additional support, they will be placed in the Intensive English program. The Intensive English (IE) program is designed to help enhance their English language skills and support them in acquiring the required skills to succeed in the mainstream grade level class.   An additional fee will be charged for this IE program based on the child’s skill level. 

In some cases, a child needs additional learning support, and the school will need additional personnel assists the child’s learning needs. In these cases, an additional fee will be charged. 

Step 6

Notification of Admission

A) Upon the review of the application, student records, and placement recommendations, you will receive a notification of admission along with the education contract and tuition invoice for first installment. Once the payment invoice has been settled and the education contracts have been signed and returned, you will receive a welcome letter from the Head of School along with information about the first day of school.

We understand that starting a new school can be filled with mixed emotions. We match your child with a classmate to act as a “buddy” during their first days at school to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Parents will receive weekly LIS newsletters to stay connected with the school community and remain informed about upcoming events and opportunities to engage in the Parent Teacher (PTO) group. 

B) If it is determined that LIS can unfortunately not admit your child, you will receive an explanation of the circumstances that led to this decision.

Again, should you have any questions or concerns at any stage of the enrollment process, simply contact us by phone or by email at 

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