Mr. Gabriel Mihalache

4th grade teacher

Gabriel believes that curiosity is an amazing resort that has moved our civilization to a level of evolution that would not have been possible if early humans had only considered basic natural needs. In terms of learning, the best way for children to totally engage and open their minds is when teachers access modern and engaging methods to encourage them to wonder and use their innate curiosity.

Gabriel is a qualified elementary class teacher and teacher of English as second language. He graduated university in 2000 and obtained the equivalent of Bachelor of Education. He has experience in elementary level class teaching for different international schools in Kuwait and France for 18 years and experience in teaching English as second language for various levels, schools and language institutes, for 20 years. He has also been involved in lower and middle management in Education in the schools he worked at.

Gabriel’s pastime activities include weightlifting, hiking with the family and dog and the perfect cool off is watching TV series.