Mr. Graeme Lazell

4-5 Grade teacher

My name is Graeme Lazell and I come from the UK. Since graduating from Bath University I have spent over twenty years teaching children of an elementary age both in the UK and internationally. In addition to my degree in history and my postgraduate certificate in education, I am a certified outdoor educationalist and an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Children are naturally curious about their world, and having a sense of wonder and curiosity creates interest and excitement in learning and encourages exploration. I believe that it is necessary as a teacher to nurture and sustain this disposition. I like to do this by designing meaningful learning experiences that allow them to express their wonderment about their world and by encouraging them to talk about interesting things they see around them. I want them to explore and ask questions about things that interest them and to have the courage to experiment with open-ended materials so that their innate questions of “I wonder what will happen if….” can be tested.

In my free time I enjoy playing football,(soccer!) fishing, trail and long-distance running, and spending time in the mountains with my family.