Mr. John Newton

Economics and Geography

It’s often said that “life without meaning and purpose is no life at all.” However, for the meaning of things, if truly embraced by children, curiosity and a sense of wonder are of necessity- this is the joy of learning.

As he holds a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction, Mr. Newton has enjoyed considerable success as a school administrator, (twenty-four years) and is currently serving as full-time Director at LIS. Though he has experience starting several schools, Mr. Newton remains at heart a teacher, reflected by twelve earlier years of teaching middle school (which he loves), specializing in the humanities, though he’s been known to accept positions in Algebra as well. He remains innately curious about pretty much everything.

He’s had a great love for drama and cinema, with some years of participation on Community Theatre- and still loves to cook, but his most heart-driven avocation is to sing.