Mr. Nick Compton

11-12 Grade teacher

Nick Compton has been teaching high school mathematics and health internationally for 11 years. Before coming to Slovenia, he was teaching high school mathematics in Ecuador; he has also taught in Vietnam, Niger, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, and South Korea. Mr. Compton has earned two bachelor of science degrees, one in Exercise Science and the other in Applied Mathematics.

Creating meaning in life and living each day with a sense of purpose are vital components of psychological well-being and are necessary for optimizing student learning and growth in the classroom. Student choice is also emphasized as they will be given options for how their learning will be assessed during each unit of instruction, individualizing their education.

Furthermore, students will find value and purpose in their voice as they continually practice providing meaningful feedback, not only for their peers during peer-reviews, but also for themselves during self-reflection activities.

My interests include anything related to applied mathematics, physics, basketball, philosophy, positive psychology, health/wellness, and all things nerdy like Stars Wars, Marvel comics, Lord of the Rings, etc. In my free time, I enjoy my own studies in mathematical physics, exercising/running, reading, watching basketball, and spending time with my wife (who is also teaching at LIS!).