Mr. Simon Irving


Mr. Simon Irving has ten years of experience as a Primary teaching assistant in an international school, working with every year group aged between the ages of two through eleven years old (Including EAL) He feels fortunate enough to ‘reunite’ with many of his younger students in the role of MEPI coordinator. MEPI is an international award program for young people from the ages of fourteen and up. He enjoys working with students both inside and outside of the classroom, helping them to develop ‘skills for life’.

According to Simon, learning is about understanding how things work. “We need to evoke in our children a curiosity in the ‘wonders’ of the world in which we live. It’s a desire to learn!” He goes on to say that he believes that with all of the ‘magic’ that exists around us, children will be naturally enticed to enrich their knowledge in a way which is both interesting and exciting for them.

His seven year old son seems to take up much of his spare time, so some shared interests are maintained, like cooking, walking (a little), camping, swimming, cycling, and even golf! Occasionally, he finds a moment to read a good book.