Ms. Anna Ruf

German teacher

Anna Ruf believes that curiosity makes life interesting; small children are naturally curious and willing to learn. As they cherish curiosity, children are empowered to remain lifelong learners.

Anna has acquired 17 years of teaching experience, focussing on children and grown-ups, while working in Germany, India, Ukraine and Slovenia.

She was educated at the Pegagogical University of Žitomir as a teacher of German and English. Anna recieved her Masters of Arts degree from th

University of Regensburg, and served with the Philosophical Faculty in German and Russian. She has significant pedagogical training as well in her career through

DaF Teachers’ Training and through extensive professional development in the teaching field.

In her free time, Anna loves swimming, hiking tours in nature, learning Chinese and Portugese, and exploring discovering new countries and places.