Ms. Galyna Sheridan

Coordinator / Intensive english teacher

Greetings! My name is Galyna Sheridan. I am Ukrainian. As long as I remember myself, I have been always curious about the world and have been eager to learn and try new things. Probably, that is why my resume reflects my learning experience and careers in various spheres: a teacher of English; American Business Center Manager at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv; Assistant to the British Consul in Denver, Colorado; American certified paralegal; a teaching consultant at the USAID/ABA project for creating the English Legal Course for universities; and a Technical and Operations Editor at an USAID project.

My sense of wonder has helped me to see the outer world, enrich my inner world, and meet many good people. My presence in a classroom is devoted to not only teaching the English language but also to encouraging my students to be curious, never stop wondering, and use their mind creatively. I love my profession and enjoy both teaching students and learning from them.

I have a Master’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language, with 22 years of experience including teaching at the institute of foreign languages and international schools. I have taught English Phonetics, Grammar, Practice, Intensive English courses, Writing, Literature, Drama, and Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum. I have worked as an Intensive English Coordinator at one of the international schools.

Theater, literature, and writing are my source of inspiration and motivation in life.

I look forward to having a wonderful school year and making new friends in the LIS community.

Ms. Sheridan