Ms. Leigh San Juan

Art and Design Teacher

My name is Leigh San Juan Brady and I am an art and design teacher from Dun Laoghaire in South Dublin, Ireland. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 2008 at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, I moved to Slovenia and have been living here since then. I have been teaching for the past 11 years and have an internationally recognized TELF certification with a focus on young learners. Aside from being an educator, I have a diploma in computer and classical animation and am a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher.

My approach to teaching is to find the sweet spot where the learner is actively engaged and focused because the topic falls in their area of interest. For me building a relationship with your students where you know what drives them and what they are passionate about is essential to guiding them to self-motivation. Learning should be fun, full of adventure, and engaging. In the past 11 years as an educator, I have enjoyed guiding students to use their natural enthusiasm to progress in their subject and supporting them on their path to becoming self-actualized and independent learners.