Ms. Marina Martensson

Music teacher

I am teaching PYP music and offering individual singing lessons as a part of the LIS Creative Arts Academy.

I grew up in the south of Sweden, raised by parents who owned a jazz club, so I was surrounded by live music and musicians. When I was in kindergarten myself, the happiest moments of the day were when my teacher allowed me to play the piano, letting my creativity flourish through improvisation. By the age of 7, I was already taking piano and singing lessons, and as a teenager, I received several awards for young composers. By the time I was 19, I had signed my fist record deal in Japan and soon released two jazz albums. My successful career as a singer/songwriter and performing artist owes much to the amazing music teachers who inspired and nurtured my talents. 

This background has shaped me into the music teacher I am today. I find immense joy in sharing my knowledge and witnessing my student’s happiness as they explore the piano, guitar, ukulele, drums or sing from their hearts. I firmly believe that each child grows in confidence and curiosity through exploring themselves creatively, and music, as a universal language, holds value throughout their lives. 

When I am not teaching, I am touring and sharing music around the globe. In my free time, I enjoy sitting by the piano, composing new music, as well as expressing my creativity in the kitchen – I love cooking and indulging in delicious food.