Ms. Sara Blair

Secondary English

Sara Blair has been teaching internationally for almost a decade now. She started out her career teaching elementary but after a few years switched to high school English and never looked back. She has taught in Ecuador, Vietnam, Niger, Marshall Islands, Canada, and Thailand. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies and English, from Canada, and a Graduate Diploma in Education from Australia.

The language we use is so much more important than many of us realize. It is through language that we create meaning, and it is through our search for meaning that we create language. The English classroom is where students should be able to explore literature that they can relate to, new ideas they have never encountered, and the skills in which to deconstruct it and find a way to understand the world better and understand themselves better. Therefore, in this classroom, students are given books to read that reflect an array of characters, topics, and genres. They explore different avenues of thought, exposing them to different viewpoints they can use to help themselves find their own meaning and purpose in life.

Sara’s interests include writing, reading, photography, and linguistics. She loves to read non-fiction books to continuously learn. In her free time, she is a wildlife photographer, who travels a lot with her husband, who also teaches at LIS.