Ms. Urša Šenk

Slovene teacher

Why not learn to see the world from a different perspective? Learning a new language isn’t just learning new words for the things we already know; it is a completely new way to think about and describe the things around us. To be able to turn things upside down and acquire a fresh and different perspective on the world is a beautiful thing that evokes curiosity and opens our minds to the worlds that would otherwise remain hidden. Ursa believes that children should always be offered the broadest perspective on their surroundings so that they can find bits and pieces that they can freely explore and relate to. Knowing more than one language does that.

With a degree in three languages (Slovene, English and German) from the University of Ljubljana, Ursa was able to live and teach in three different countries as well.She has these three languages at all levels to children and adults from different cultural backgrounds . She has also designed language courses that encourage students to ease into a language and speak it quite quickly. .

In her free time, she doesn’t cook, but loves the outdoors, doing yoga, spending time with her family and friends, always sprinkled with lots of humor. Ursa is also a certified skiing instructor, but hasn’t taught skiing a day in her life.