School Fees 2023-2024

Registration Fee

Registration Fee
This is a one‐time, non‐refundable fee.
750 €
for each student

School Tuition Fees

Annual Fee Part Time Full Day
Preschool 7.500 € 9.500 €
Grade K (5 y.o.)-Grade 5 12.500 €
Grade 6-8 13.500 €
Secondary I-IV 14.900 €

Sibling discount

A reduction of the Annual Tuition Fee is offered for families with more than one child
enrolled in the same school year as follows:

-10% for the second child

-15%  for the third child

‐20% for the third and subsequent children.

For the purpose of calculating this discount, the eldest child registering shall be considered the first child enrolled
and the youngest child will be considered the last child enrolled from any family. Discount is applicable only to the Annual Tuition Fees and does not apply to other charges.

School fees are paid in one of the following two ways:

Option 1: Payment is made in one payment: Payment is made in full before August 15 – there is a 5% discount for each student!

Option 2: Payment is made in three equal payments: Payments are made by August 10, 2023,- December 10, 2023, and April 10, 2024

Other Additional Cost:

Place reservation fee – EUR 200 (non-refundable, applies to everyone except students entering their first year of study at LIS).

Corporate partnership fee -EUR 900 (applies to commercial organizations, companies, diplomatic missions, etc.)

Refundable deposit – EUR 300 (refundable 4 weeks after withdrawal if account is valid)

Additional English classes (ELL): Depending on the number of classes (1000/2000) EUR per year

Additional support in training: Cost is discussed individually (at least 500 EUR per semester)

Extracurricular activities/clubs and sections – The cost depends on the chosen section or club.

Excursions and Camping are charged according to the cost of the event.

Lunch and Snack: The exact amount will be announced later (cost 2022-23 academic year €6.50 per day).