School Fees 2024-2025

2024-2025 LIS Tuition and Other Fees



Part‐Time Full Day
Preschool Annual Fee 8,500 EUR 10,900 EUR
Grades K‐5 Annual Fee 14,500 EUR
Grades 6‐8 Annual Fee 15,900 EUR
Grades 9-12 Annual Fee 16,900 EUR

School fees are paid in one of two options as follows:


Option 1: One payment: Paid in full. If paid by May 10th – 5% per student discount fee is applicable!

Option 2: Three payments: Paid by 1 July 2024 (40%), 1 November 2024 (30%) and 1 March 2025 (30%)

-In some cases, with the Director’s approval, monthly tuition installments can be arranged at an additional %.

LIS reserves the right to apply fees for late payments according to internal regulations.



Open Enrollment Payments: Students joining the school within three weeks (15 school days) after the beginning of any term will need to pay the full fee for that term. After that point, a prorated fee will be levied for that term.

*Please note that if a student enrolls after the first term, the first term (40%) fee will apply.

VAT (DDV) is not charged for academic fees, in accordance with ZDDV‐1 Article 43

 Sibling discount: A reduction of the Annual Tuition Fee is offered for families with more than one child enrolled in the same school year as follows:

‐ 5% for the second child.

‐ 10% for the third child and subsequent children.

“For the purpose of calculating this discount, the eldest child registering shall be considered the first child enrolled and the youngest child will be considered the last child enrolled from any family. Discount is applicable only to the Annual Tuition Fees and does not apply to other charges

Please note that multichildren discounts do not apply if fees are paid by a company or an organization on behalf of the parents.


  • Textbooks are loaned to students and course materials are provided for core classes. (A replacement fee will be issued for lost books or damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear.
  • Use of internet, network, and computer (for grades K-5). Students in grades 6-12 provide their own laptop or tablet.
  • Access to the Toddle learning management program-including reports and other communications.
  • MAP Growth Test- minimum two times per year.


Additional Fees:

  • Registration Fee –EUR 750: This is a one‐time, non‐refundable fee for each new
  • Placement Fee-EUR 200: This is a one‐time, non‐refundable fee for the placement test for each new
  • Seat Reservation Fee –EUR 200: (applies to all, except first‐time enrolled students and returning families that pay in full by May 10th, 2024).
  • Corporate Partnership Fee ‐EUR 1500: (applies to for‐profit organizations, companies, diplomatic missions,)
  • Consumable class supplies: As listed on each class list.
  • Refundable Deposit EUR 300: (to be reimbursed after 4 weeks from withdrawal if account is clear)
  • English as an Additional Learning (EAL) support: Based on the level of required support (1000/2000) EUR per year.
  • SENExceptionalities and Learning Support: Special fees apply based on the needs of the student.
  • *Field trips and excursions*
  • *Experience Days*- Location and fees to be determined.
  • *PSAT 8/9 & PSAT 10*- fees determined by College Board.

*fees apply to certain classes*


Optional Fees

Lunch and Snack: Fees are determined by the vendor.

  • Graduation Fees: Additional Diploma, certifications, documents, apostille- (approximately 300 Euros)
  • After‐School Activities (ASA) & ASA Extended Care: Fees are determined by the vendor.
  • Creative Arts Academy: After-school tutorials. Fees are determined by the vendor.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exam fee: Fees to be determined.
  • Yearbook- Must be preordered in advance.
  • Week-Without-Walls (WWW)Trip- Location and cost to be determined.
  • Language Trips: Location and cost to be determined.
  • Between Campus Shuttle Service-fees to be determined; spaces are limited and will be reserved for families with students at both campuses.