School fees 2022-2023

Registration Fee

Registration Fee
This is a one‐time, non‐refundable fee.
450 €
for each student
Re-registration fee
for all, except first time enrolled students
150 €
per student (non refundable)

School Tuition Fees

Annual Fee Part Time Full Day
Preschool 7.200 € 8.600 €
Grade K (5 y.o.) 10.600 €
Grade 1-6 (6 y.o. – 11y.o) 11.100 €
Grade 7-8 (12-13 y.o.) 11.600 €
Secondary I-IV 12.900 €
VAT (DDV) is not charged for academic fees, in accordance with ZDDV-1 Article 43.

Sibling discount

A reduction of the Annual Tuition Fee is offered for families with more than one child
enrolled in the same school year as follows:

-10% for the second child
‐20% for the third and subsequent children.

For the purpose of calculating this discount, the eldest child registering shall be considered the first child enrolled
and the youngest child will be considered the last child enrolled from any family. Discount is applicable only to the Annual Tuition Fees and does not apply to other charges.

School fees are paid in one or 4 instalments as follows:

Multi‐children discounts do not apply if fees are paid by a company or an organization, on behalf of the parents.

Other discounts as follows:

Option 1:
One payment: Paid in full by August 15th – 500 EUR per student discount fee is applicable!

Option 2:
Two payments: Paid in August and January – 125 EUR discount for each payment

Option 3:
Four payment: Paid at the beginning of each quarter (August, November, January, April)

Other Additional Cost:

Extra IE (Intensive English): Special fees may apply

Special Learning assistance needed: Special fees may apply

ASA (After School Activity/Supervision) from 3:30pm – 4:30pm (4xweek) / EUR 10 per activity per day

ASA extended care (Pre K through Grade 4) – 4:30 until 6:00 pm / EUR 10

Field trips and Camps are charged according to the cost.

Lunch Fee and Transport Fee: Prices yet to be determined .

Contact or visit us

There is nothing like seeing and experiencing our school in person. Arrange a meeting with our Director and take a tour of our Campus. If you are unsure whether LIS is the right fit for your child, we encourage you to let your child join our classes for a day or two and experience firsthand what we offer.