Dear Parents,

Welcome to Ljubljana International School and our diverse international community. The school enrollment process can be frustrating and confusing, so we want to make it easier for you and take you step by step through the process to enroll your child(ren) to LIS. This checklist is to help you with each step.

The Application Steps
Visit us
There is nothing like seeing and experiencing our school in person. Arrange a meeting with our Director and take a tour of our Campus. If you are unsure whether LIS is the right fit for your child, we encourage you to let your child join our classes for a day or two and experience firsthand what we offer.
Application – must be accompanied with non-refundable registration fee of 450 EUR .
As part of the application process the following form (Complete Application form) needs to be filled out or if you are filling out our applications online you will find four forms:
After all application forms and previous school records are obtained, our school director will review them, we may arrange for your child to be assessed with a MAP test in Mathematics, English (reading, writing and comprehension) before enrollment. The test is conducted at our school and it takes about one to two hours. Based on the results a suggestion is made as to what grade level to place the child. We do not require English fluency; however the older the student, more proficiency in English is required. For younger students (up to age 10) fluency in English is more easily gained within a classroom. For older students (ages 11 and older), in addition to their previous academic results, acceptance of students will also depend on their English proficiency. If a child does not pass a basic English test, they can enroll in our school with a one year Intensive English (IE) program with the possibility to complete some units.
Acceptance and Additional Documents
After reviewing the academic records and the results of the placement MAP test you will:

A) receive confirmation that your child has been accepted to LIS. At this time you will receive the Acceptance form and Payment of Fees form to fill out.


B) receive an explanation why your child has not been accepted to our school. There may be situations when we cannot provide the learning resources that your child needs, should there be specific special needs that your child has.

Welcome to LIS!

Application Forms

Additional documents we need from you:
Copy of passport or ID with a photo
Copy of vaccination records
Copy of previous school records and recommendation for previous year (ages 5 – 11)
Copy of previous 3 school years and recommendation for past three years (ages 12 and up)
Once the application is complete, we can schedule the student for an interview/assessment.
Ask Admissions staff all your questions

    For the all Applicants
    Nataša Kokalj